Why lingose will change the chain game ecology

Before the emergence of Lingose, the channels for players to understand the game were often cumbersome and complicated, and they needed to go to various channels to understand, and most of them were affected by false propaganda, and they directly entered the game without understanding the game, resulting in unnecessary losses. For some games, the cost of entering the game will make many novice players complain. With the development of chain games, various chain games have begun to diversify, and players always complain that they cannot keep up with the update speed of the chain game industry.

The timely appearance of Lingose ​​will change the pattern of the entire chain game industry and improve the status of players. Players no longer need to search around for game projects. You only need to open the official website of lingose and search for the game to find the details of the game introduction.Different from a simple project introduction, there will be tasks set by the game party on lingose to help you experience the game better. After that, lingose will also open the forum, you can also see the players’ evaluation of the game, and then have a more comprehensive understanding of the game.

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In order to allow players to better understand the game, lingose has also carried out in-depth cooperation with the game party. The game party publishes tasks on the official website of lingose for the game itself. When players want to understand the game, they can complete some simple tasks first, and make earn in-game rewards that give players a sense of the game and be one step ahead of others before they enter the game. Some tasks are designed by lingose for the game industry itself. After players complete such tasks, lingose will give senior players status according to the number of players completed and the level of tasks. After the player has this status, the game party that cooperates with lingose ​​will issue a part of the reward based on the player’s identity mark, to encourage such senior game players to participate in the game, thereby driving the development of the entire game.

The emergence of lingose has broken the information cage of the game party for players. Players can stand on a higher latitude to examine the chain game, and then decide whether to participate in the game or not. It is no longer the same as before, blindly investing in the game, and in the end not only does not have a good game experience, but also wastes a lot of time and money, which is not worth the loss.

From the very beginning, lingose has been committed to recommending suitable games to the corresponding players. Within the scope of players’ abilities, they can have the best chain game experience. Change the chain game project’s announcement of exaggeration and a series of fakes, show a real chain game world to everyone with the most sincere attitude, and use real data to build a virtual game world, so that players can feel free to travel in the world of Chain Tour.