FASTFS speed and passion, creating a new horizon of metaverse NFT

Racing is almost every man’s dream. In the classic movie “The Fast and the Furious”, you can enjoy unlimited freedom by holding the steering wheel, listening to the roar of the racing car and fighter engine, and galloping on the dangerous and exciting track as you like.

FASTFS uses multi-chain + cross-chain high-end technology to combine racing, NFT, metaverse, and blockchain to create a blockchain social ecology based on NFT and metaverse for the Internet of Everything, through the integration of NFT, metaverse and social media , enabling the virtual and the networked to make social-centric networking more relevant and valuable by bringing together people, processes, data, and things.

FASTFS pays tribute to the biggest movie IP of the 21st century – the Fast and the Furious series! With the revolutionary IP of speed and passion as the core, FASTFS has created a new NFT digital blind box, which includes a variety of character cards and car cards.


FASTFS will create the corresponding NFT blind box ecology according to the “Fast and Furious” series of movies. The NFT assets opened by the blind box are printed with non-homogeneous characteristics, each of which has a different style and releases free personality. In FASTFS, all players can participate in the blind box extraction of FASTFS, and obtain limited-edition character card NFTs and racing NFTs. After the blind box is opened, not only can they get the corresponding card rewards, but also can enjoy the LP pledge mining income, users can also They can be sold to others for profit through the marketplace. Even crypto enthusiasts who don’t want to play racing games can trade and collect these digital assets as NFTs.

Based on the development of Binance Chain, FASTFS token is a digital asset in global circulation, with a total circulation of 100 million pieces, constant issuance, and never additional issuance; deflation mechanism, deflation stops at 51 million pieces, the ultimate deflation mechanism plus with the FASTFS community The growing popularity of FASTFS will continue to empower these assets, and the value of the FASTFS token will rise. Holding FASTFS can also participate in more centralized DEFI+Web3.0+chain games+NFT+metaverse ecosystem.

You can also participate in various activities and voting in the community, DeFi and NFT ecology, including decentralized financial pledge, liquidity, Web social networking, chain games, NFT and many other parts, provide power for transactions on the chain, and also support future FASTFS More application scenarios for the community.

FASTFS started with NFT, but its speed and passion will burn to the entire blockchain industry. Through a unique economic structure, it provides a financial service system for car enthusiasts and racing enthusiasts to earn while playing, so that players can truly own Ownership of NFT assets and long-term benefits.


FASTFS inherits the free spirit of speed and passion, breaks the status quo of unequal value and price, and allows the entire ecological value to be properly reflected.

Good News: RELIFE platform completes tens of millions of financing

On April 27th, the Metaverse comprehensive service open platform-RELIFE announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing of 10 million yuan. The lead investor is INB Capital, with a disclosed amount of about $2.5 million. The funds will be released linearly by the only token of the platform-RLT, which is mainly used for RELIFE marketing and product iteration. 

It is reported that the RELIFE platform has been running successfully for nearly half a year, and has successively launched products such as Planet Infrastructure-Babylon and Chain Game-Lost Empire. Currently, the Planet Infrastructure 2.0-Atlantis plot is newly started.

Global guilds speak together: Why do we have to be patient with METAHERO?

In the era of GameFi 1.0, many chain games have kneeled…

For example, AXIE, Farmers World, and Raca Yuan Beast have all undeniably declined.
Starting from July 2021, GameFi has entered the field of vision of most people. It reached its peak in November, and Memecoin has become a trend after a strong relay. However, after the end of November, many games in GameFi thundered, which led to the overall collapse of the Gamefi sector.

In fact, if you study their economic model, you can understand that most of them are short-term, flat and fast-type high-bubble models. The chain game developers have no long-term plans. The gamefi produced is an exploration product in the chain game 1.0 era, and there is no long-term deflation. The economic model does not really consider users and players, nor does it allow users and players to achieve real autonomy.

MetaHero – a product of the chain game 2.0 era

For changes in the Gamefi field, what we need is to have more patience.

MetaHero’s origins are excellent:

The leader in Gamefi 2.0 is a classic tower defense GameFi based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), integrating “TCG, competition, analogy, mining, staking, SWAP, DeFi, NFT, DAO”, with The improved economic model that most chain games in the past did not have, there is no sharp sword hanging over the guild such as “collapse”.

But the progress of anything is not achieved overnight, and it is impossible to debut at the peak.

Let’s take a closer look: what makes Metahero different? Why do we need to be patient with this Gamefi 2.0 “new generation”?

The global guild seminar gave the following reasons:

1. MetaHero has rich long-term income
MetaHero is a chain game 2.0 product supported by top game companies + top venture capital institutions. It has stronger operability than last year’s version 1.0 of chain games such as Farmer’s World, with smaller bubbles and more long-term stable income. In the MetaHero game, players can freely trade hero NFTs and become their real masters.

Through the creation of the Chain Game 2.0 economic model, MetaHero will surely surpass the giants of traditional games.

The huge profits generated by traditional game companies and the huge profits of game pipeline advertisers will be returned to real players through smart contracts. These should not just enter traditional game companies and various money-burning advertisers. pocket.

Remember, blockchain players are the masters of ChainGames 2.0 MetaHero!

2. MetaHero has a very long-term game development plan

Not only in chain games, MetaHero Chain Games 2.0 is the key to unlocking the ecology of the Metaverse. MetaHero has now received strong support from the World Blockchain Foundation and has decided to launch an angel project aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds.

The plan is ready for the May Day holiday, and MetaHero’s DeFi model, NFT trading, 3D, and VR/AR will all be launched one after another.

Fans please wait patiently, more application scenarios and technical updates are coming soon, MetaHero will not let you down!

MetaHero’s 3D version of the game is prepared for the metaverse world, not some crudely made 2D quality web games on the market!

In the same way, the creation of the NFT trading system and the upcoming launch of the Swap mining pool DeFi game are also for this!

3. MetaHero has a strong global fan group support, and a large number of large guild matrices are pouring in

Guilds from all over the world (the United States, China, South Korea, Japan, France, etc.) began to dominate the rankings one after another, and all players saw the combat power rankings of players from various countries. This is a global game, not a corner.

The golden age of competition has come, and more and more fans have seen real benefits and joined MetaHero.

 The MetaHero project will also launch a wealth of adapted gameplay tutorials, players and fans will continue to benefit.

MetaHero is incomparable to those Ponzi bubble dog chain games on the market in the past! MetaHero must lead the trend of the times and aim to build a more complete chain game system that perfectly matches new fans and players in various regions.

4. MetaHero has a very good income mechanism and stable growth system

Compared with games in the Chain Game 1.0 era, MetaHero’s revenue has steadily increased, and there is no so-called revenue ceiling.

The tokens of MetaHero games are optimized by the Chain Game 2.0 economic model, and there are extremely rich consumption scenarios. Game tokens are the real hard currency in the game!

For example, to fight for gold, you must consume physical strength. There are many other deflationary scenarios like this in MetaHero.

Therefore, the more players, the more consumption, and the supply is in short supply, so there is no need to worry about the decline in prices.The gold income of MetaHero is closely related to your study of the game and your combat power.

As long as you start with high-powered heroes, be patient, and actively promote the guild market, more players will realize that it is not a big problem for a single account to earn 100 U per day through the premium brought by the rising currency price.

Gold income, and gradually increase. One coin, one price, truly realized! Just wait patiently and it will bear fruit!

5. MetaHero has a powerful operation matrix, and it is announced on multiple platforms

MetaHero is deployed on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, and is comprehensively promoted. As time goes by, the interaction between communities in various countries is getting closer and closer. Players and investors will realize that they are in one big family.

The Chinese community has also set up its own subscription group for translation materials. A group of enthusiastic friends are planting seeds in this long bear market and maintaining the growth of MetaHero.

With such a solid operating foundation, what should we worry about?

Quietly deploying in the bleak bear market, waiting for a bull market to arrive, MetaHero will surely give birth to N world-renowned super-rich chain game guilds like YGG.

METAHERO Global Association welcomes you to join us!

Let’s work together to create a great cause in the era of Gamefi 2.0!

MetaHero game link:

The launch of SAGD Game will be postponed

SAGD was developed based on Ethereum, and the investment team scattered and cut SAGD games. Due to the current game ecology technology, the launch was delayed, creating a more complete game fluency and concept in the industry! Synchronize and create greater value to the virtual world.

May 1st Labor Day Series Activity II MetaHero Global Guild Incubation & Angel Project

We are proud to announce that the World Blockchain Foundation has launched an investment in MetaHero. Based on the further cooperation between the two parties, the World Blockchain Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) has decided to launch an angel program aimed at promoting the incubation of global guilds Painting (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”), all qualified guilds or studios have the opportunity to obtain the assistance fund given by the World Blockchain Foundation. The first batch of assistance funds is 500,000 USDT, and the first batch of assistance funds will be built. 30–50 guilds for the global promotion and overall development of the MetaHero game business.

Sponsor: World Blockchain Foundation

The World Blockchain Foundation is a leading blockchain venture capital institution in the industry, focusing on assisting the development of blockchain companies and projects in countries and regions around the world, incubating and helping blockchain companies to develop more comprehensively. It has previously announced that it has completed a $10.5 million seed round at a valuation of $160 million. AllianceDAO, Signal Fire, Pear VC, DIGITAL, One Block Capital and other capital institutions participated in the investment.

Incubation purpose: Through this plan, to build a DAO education and training system all over the world, to support the rapid growth of small game guilds, and to realize the accelerated implementation of the MetaHero game ecosystem.

specific contents:

1. Assisted object: Small gold mining guild (studio)

2. Ways of assistance: reach at multiple levels such as capital, technology, management, strategy, etc.

3. Assistance matters:

The original intention of this plan is to eliminate the worries of small guilds, so that more small guilds (studios) can seize the era of GameFi and DAO, achieve leap-forward development from 0 to 1, and enjoy the early development dividends of emerging industries. The foundation will give full support to qualified small guilds (studios) including funds, technology, management, etc.

1) In terms of funding, the foundation will provide a boost fund of up to 10,000 USDT to each qualified guild based on the support principle of win-win cooperation and risk sharing to fully support the early development of small guilds;

2) In terms of technology, the Foundation will provide the supported guilds with constantly updated game gold-making strategies and game scripts to ensure that the guild’s gold-making efficiency is always at its best;

3) In terms of management, when the guild develops to a certain scale, the foundation will provide the guild with necessary help and guidance from the DAO management level, and even further provide financial and other support for the guild.

In a word, the foundation will always be the most solid backing of the guild, and the guild only needs to make the right choice once to have the opportunity to achieve a magnificent turn.

The following are the game related attachments.

MetaHero game link:

VAEX exchange link:

OASWAP link (BSC):

MHC contract address (BSC):0x04Ef9272661420c4164Ad7179a962A51b648AED0

VPN download link:

TP wallet download link:

Telegraph download link:

Twitter download link:

Hotcoin Will Open Trading for KUNCI at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April .28th

Hotcoin will open KUNCI deposit services at (GMT+8) April 28, 2022 14:00; KUNCI/USDT trading and withdrawal services at (GMT+8) April 28, 2022 18:00.
Kunci is building the next generation blockchain for mass adoption, born to support penetration of NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Decentralize Finance and the retail industry. Kunci will make blockchain technology easy to use and applicable to various industries. Plus, we already have up to 52 hotels, operate 22K mining machines nationwide, and are developing AAA games and more.

The new era of SAGD, join forces with Silicoin!

Many people have questions about SAGD. What is it?

SAGD with Star Wars as the theme, made up of many a star, the stars against world view and it integrates the planet civilization construction, management, operations and community content of virtual survival, etc… using an open mode for its construction, everything outside the bottom frame will be built by the players, everything in the game can generate NFT (land, construction, mining, equipment, skin, etc.), It aims to create a decentralized online virtual reality space metaverse game platform.

We now know SAGD is a NFT GameFi game, so what’s so appealing about it?

1) SAGD absorbs the essence of making money while playing. From the purchase of items to the sale of equipment, items and their derived rewards, the entire process relies on crypto assets.

2) NFT cardholders can continue to earn bonuses from the game, which reinforces the connection between different parts of the game. SAGD allows users to create heroes of different races, choose different fleets to explore space, and put their heroes and NFT into teams to earn SAGD rewards in a variety of ways.

3) In addition, the game store will sell a wealth of items, players can pay SAGD to buy their Heroes, fight the Boss planet, get rewards and achieve the domination of the galaxy!

As more and more GameFi appear, how can SAGDS maintain their advantages?

1) SAGD will grasp the future trend of NFT and provide the development of an underlying technology construction framework suitable for ecological development.

2) SAGD focuses on the participation experience of consensus. In addition, through personal invitation and experience sharing in community forums, stickiness between users can be increased and all participants benefit from consensus.

3) The SAGD allows users to generate a baseline view of the trend of the metaverse without having to constantly research numerous projects and adjust their investment strategy.

4) Based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, SAGD Alliance platform realizes massive ownership cutting, circulation process tracing, income and dividend management, etc., which makes SAGD ecosystem asset investment become small-scale and high-end

5) SAGD has the advantages of system security and tamper-proof. The SAGD ecosystem makes transactions based on blockchain’s smart contracts and automatically generates payment orders.

How will SAGD be shown to the public?

SAGD provides users with reliable, secure and fast blockchain applications to meet their needs in various scenarios. Specifically, the PC app supports mainstream operating systems such as Windows and macOS. A mobile app, supporting mainstream operating systems such as iOS and Android; Web app, that supports domestic and foreign mainstream browsers.

Which team and country did SAGD’s developers come from? Will it become monotonous?

SAGD has a strong development team that includes:

1) Alcot, who graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree, is an entrepreneur coach and mentor. He has served as the general manager and executive director of several listed groups, and is the author of action marketing.

2) Bentley has been engaged in big data and blockchain technology development since 2010, focusing on cryptocurrency research. As the technical director of MOKA, MOKA has sold more than 2 billion copies of game software worldwide, created many famous figures in the history of the game, such as Mario and Donkey Kong, and also created the most classic games and dramas in the history of the game. Like The Legend of Zelda.

3) Cher Xing, head of community operations, holds a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and is the founder of Blizzard Entertainment, a famous Game production and publishing company in the United States.

4) Garfield, Master of Financial Management, University of UK, formerly worked for Morgan Stanley investment Banker, mainly responsible for investment advisor in SAGD games.

Speaking of games related to the economy, what has SAGD done to protect player accounts, and even privacy?

Each internet-connected IOT device, after being “identified” on the blockchain, has a unique global identity that can be used to identify credit. Each smart contract has a unique public address, just like a regular wallet. The difference is that the private key of the smart contract is discarded when the contract is created, so no one can send the digital assets inside the smart contract after it is created, except for the consensus mechanism.

In view of the up-chain demand of monitoring events in the Internet of things, that is, the device holder of the IOT can set the smart contract, data storage path and data charge amount in advance, so as to broadcast the whole network and store digital records. SAGD’s smart contracts require mandatory, real-time, and fully automatic triggering in the event of an abnormal event. The data that triggers the condition is also blockchain-protected data, accurate, secure, and immutable.

What are SAGD’s future plans or developments while developing the game?

SAGD will construct an integrated metaverse ecological chain of NFT + DeFi + DAO. Because SAGD games directly port Ethereum’s underlying technology and interface standards, the cost of migration is very low for developers, there is an incentive for third parties to cheaply expand their businesses to new platforms, to gain user traffic, and there is a low barrier to learning and connecting for Ethereum DeFi users. The cost of the ecological chain includes the cost of Dapp development, debugging, maintenance and upgrade.

At the level of cross-chain ecological application, the community is actively encouraged and guided to develop and launch more high-quality [cross-chain + DeFi – applications, and enrich the categories of ecological applications, such as increasing cross-chain machine gun pool, cross-chain NFT trading platform, cross-chain two-layer solutions, etc. In the long run, the performance metrics required to achieve the desired DeFi business in the future will be much more than that, and SAGD games will be the technical solution to the scalability problem in a real sense.

Will SAGD and Silicoin work together in the future?

Silicoin is a branch of Chia with strong potential and a very large user base. SAGD is a new GameFi project with great potential for the future. We believe that cooperation between the two sides will produce more sparks. After SAGD’s chain tour is officially launched, both sides will discuss the details of specific cooperation in more depth. As far as we can see, the simplest and most straightforward solution is to have SIT circulating in the game. Users can play with SAGD and SIT of their choice, such as opening blind boxes, purchasing NFT and precious equipment, etc.

SWP Get Rich Plan – Bringing Unique DeFi3.0, Bringing Value Change in Digital Finance

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has been regarded as the prototype of the future economic model by various industries and fields. The rise of the concept of DeFi in 2016 officially established the definition of decentralized finance. Move traditional financial products to the blockchain in order to form an encrypted financial ecosystem based on asset management, prediction markets, and trading markets.

The first generation of DeFi: Solved the trust problem of peer-to-peer financial transactions and reconstructed our financing methods. From savings, peer-to-peer loans, derivatives to insurance, DeFi has become a global alternative to traditional finance.

The second generation of DeFi: solves the problem of decentralized financial protocols, and people can control the future of assets, data and their own finances. Services such as payment, insurance, remittance, and lending are no longer centrally processed and guaranteed by financial institutions.

However, the cumbersome operation and high-frequency trading characteristics of the second generation of DeFi have formed a natural threshold, which will block more ordinary users from the benefits. Therefore, the advent of the pioneer of the decentralized financial market, the Get Rich Plan (SWP), will start an epoch-making value change with mutual benefits for everyone and blowout profits.


SWP——Building the third generation of DeFi: break through the existing dilemma of the encryption market, and achieve value return through the aggregation of income ecology. Integrate all trading strategies into smart contracts to achieve “one-click income”. Create a diversified encrypted asset market and become a strong new force in the encrypted financial derivative system.

Three pools are jointly driven, unlimited dividends for one transaction

Pool A: SWP tokens, with a total circulation of 21 million pieces, will never be issued, and will eventually be destroyed to 21,000 pieces;

Pool B: USDT, which is continuously injected in transactions and distributed to liquidity providers;

Pool C: SWPT, with a total circulation of 210 million pieces, is the only pass in the SWP ecosystem, and can only be produced through LP.

SWP has designed a unique multi-pool and multi-currency trading strategy. In each transaction process, both parties can obtain SWP token dividends, USDT liquidity dividends and the output of SWPT tokens.

Circular value-added: During each transaction, the transaction volume will continue to fill the liquidity of the three pools, which is used as the driving force for the increase in the value of the token. As the only key to the ecology, SWPT can only be produced through transactions, which means that SWPT is a market with more demand and less supply, and its value potential is self-evident.

Beyond that, SWP is more than a single DeFi financial aggregator. Its use of the DAO autonomy model to create a mutually beneficial and shared encrypted financial ecosystem for everyone will be the next evolutionary direction of DeFi.

After the construction of the first stage of SWP is completed, we will also see the second stage of SWP – NFT + GameFi + Metaverse World, and the third stage of SWP – SWP public chain + SWP Swap ecology. At that time, SWP will become the most unique and ecologically integrated aggregation ecological platform in the blockchain field.

At present, the first phase of SWP private placement has been officially opened, 1 million SWP + 200 nodes are limited to a limited time and snapped up; join it in advance to get the unlimited value-added potential of SWP!

The world’s financial value is once again brought together by SWP, and promoting the acceleration of the value evolution of all mankind will be one of the many changes brought by DeFi3.0. Participate in the SWP Get Rich Program and participate in your rich future!

Tattooed Kitty Gang TKG coming soon, NFT soars 20 times, TKG value for the future!

Recently a number of well-known institutions in a foreign Twitter released a named “TKG ~ Tattooed Kitty Gang” NFT Netflix products, I read the white paper, the general meaning is: the NFT product is the Coinan NFT platform strongly recommended project, TKG NFT value has also attracted a well-known hedge fund management company –Three Arrows Capital’s strategic investment and Coinan’s traffic support.

These Tattooed Kitty Gang cards are traded in the form of NFT, each card is a club or alliance certified NFT collectible with its own scarcity and uniqueness rating. TKG.NFT has set the fastest Coinan record of being snapped up within a minute, with prices starting from 99U and shooting up to 2000U, soaring 20 times. With the recent announcement of the project, the price of some tattooed cat NFTs will rise even higher. NFTs represent a new paradigm in asset collection, availability and engagement. This evolution from physical to digital assets is very powerful and has created many exciting potential business models. The current growth of NFT is phenomenal and its fever continues to climb after sectors such as DeFi have gone cold. The coming period is expected to see a gradual entry of teams and listed companies with technological advantages, IP-enabled advantages, and platforms with operational capabilities. Most of the time, a coin is noticed because of its price, which either rises “out of this world” or falls “out of this world”. As Bitcoin surged by more than 10 points, most people were immersed in the joy of the bull market, while others were surrounded by even greater joy, perhaps muttering: Bitcoin this rise to where, TKG is the real Bitcoin. So some people can’t help but ask, “In the wave of NFT, capital and players continue to add to the reason why TKG ~ Tattooed Kitty Gang can rise?”

After analysis, I think the answer lies in the TKG itself “play to earn” model of innovation and relatively perfect and can constantly regulate the economic system, TKG world’s first super mechanism: single coin + double mechanism + double turbo + double destruction + double cycle + perpetual motion, TKG NFT comes with appreciation properties, participate in the NFT card fund steady 2 times gain. A token two mechanisms to promote the operation, two destruction mode to do the ultimate deflation, coin volume scarcity, 3% LP dividends plus airdrop LP pledge the whole network burst block dividends, plus coin price rise earnings, triple income, with in and out, effectively ensure that each participant profit.

TKG from 99U starting auction has been breaking through to today’s 20 times increase in the highest price in history, no matter what price received coins, everyone has their own heart sold price, TKG now stage is equivalent to bitcoin 10 years ago, but with the innovation of the business model, TKG’s later explosive power will be stronger! This is a big trend, I believe there will be a lot of people choose this way out, time is limited, unlimited wealth, TKG network-wide wealthy airdrop, each wallet 1000 TKG, limited to 2500 places, first come first served, welcome people from all walks of life to participate in understanding TKG, joint all the retail investors, grassroots, consensus of the people together group layout TKG NFT track, follow the trend, win the future, bend over the car, to achieve Wealth freedom and change your destiny!

(Exploration Ship) game has not yet launched, but already exploded all over the Internet!

(Exploration Ship) is a meta-universe chain game of interstellar exploration from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) chain. Players can extract warships, complete daily missions, conquer mysterious interstellar regions, and plunder rare items to earn while playing.

 (Exploration Ship) Players can cast their own in-game characters through the character creation page, and the characters are randomly generated. Each casted character will receive a random rarity and a random attribute value of the warship, each created character is in the form of NFT card, and players can freely transfer/give/sell the character.

(Exploration Ship) game will be launched soon, hurry up to create your own battleship and dark fleet to fight and defend our planet!

Official Twitter: 

Chinese telegram:  

English telegram:

Official website: