A New Era for the AET Ecosystem: The Digital Human AIGC Platform Launch Event Successfully Held in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, March 28 — In an era marked by the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the digital economy, the AET ecosystem has reached a historic milestone with the successful launch event of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform. This significant occasion attracted elites from technology, finance, education, and other sectors, showcasing AET’s firm commitment and vision to propel the global digital economy forward. 

On this landmark day, AET not only introduced a new technology but also proclaimed the dawn of a new era — the birth of a vibrant and innovative digital world shaped by public blockchain, digital wallets, and AI digital humans. March 28, this game-changing launch event, highlighted the AET ecosystem’s new expansions and its profound impact on the development of the digital economy through in-depth discussions on the future directions of AI digital human technology and its potential in driving industry innovation. The event brought together industry leaders, tech pioneers, and thought leaders to explore and envision the future together. It delved into the innovative applications of AI digital human technology and focused on how the breakthrough AET AI Digital Human AIGC Platform could further expand the AET ecosystem and promote comprehensive progress in the digital economy.

Opening & Executive Keynote

As the launch event commenced, Prof. Yang WANG, Vice-Chancellor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Victor YIM, the Head of Fintech at Cyberport, took the stage to deliver their addresses. Their speeches highlighted AET’s significant role in advancing technology education and fintech innovation, showing firm support and expectation for AET’s future development. The presence and remarks of these two leaders injected vital academic and industry perspectives into the meeting, showcasing the AET ecosystem’s profound foundation and wide influence in the tech community.

AET AIGC Platform Official Launch

The subsequent official inauguration of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform marked a new milestone in AET’s integration of digital asset payments and AI technology. This pivotal moment not only evidenced AET’s ongoing commitment and achievements in tech innovation but also symbolized the AET ecosystem’s determination to ascend to a higher level in the global digital economy. The support and participation of the attendees underscored the critical role and potential of the AET ecosystem in the global digital transformation.

Keynote Speeches

Following the initiation ceremony of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform, the launch event transitioned into its core segment—a series of keynote speeches providing deep insights into future technology trends. These presentations not only demonstrated the AET ecosystem’s strength in technological innovation but also unveiled the vast prospects of the digital economy’s future to the attendees.

The Future of Fiat Digitalization on Blockchains

Mr. Declan SIDEY, a technical advisor at the AET Foundation, delivered the first in-depth analysis of the future development of the AET public chain. He elaborated on how blockchain technology could achieve currency digitalization and discussed how this advancement could revolutionize the global financial system. SIDEY highlighted the AET public chain’s potential in enhancing transaction efficiency, reducing operational costs, and bolstering financial security, envisioning its pivotal role in the future digital economy landscape.

AET HD Wallet: Web3 Social Pioneer

Subsequently, Mr. David SCHREIBER, Business Development Manager at the AET Foundation, delved into AET’s first application—the AETHD Wallet. He explained how the wallet utilizes Web3 technology to provide users with a secure, convenient, and decentralized social experience. SCHREIBER showcased how the AETHD Wallet integrates various digital assets and its unique value in facilitating users’ exploration of the blockchain world.

AET AIGC Platform: World’s First Digital Asset Payment Digital Human Platform

The final presentation was delivered by Mr. Weiliang WU, Operations Director at Tencent Zhiying & Juwang Technology and AET Digital Human Technology Advisor. He comprehensively elucidated the world’s first AET Digital Human Platform supporting digital asset payments. Covering the platform’s ecosystem positioning, core functionalities, and application scenarios, Mr. WU detailed the platform’s overall structure. He particularly emphasized how the AET Digital Human Platform leverages AI-generated content (AIGC) technology to provide innovative solutions for businesses and its role in driving digital transformation and accelerating the development of the digital economy.

These keynote speeches provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the future direction of the AET ecosystem, while also showcasing AET’s ambition and determination to lead digital economic innovation. By exploring the possibilities of future technologies, the AET ecosystem is gradually constructing a more open and interconnected digital world.

Roundtable ForumThe Impact and Opportunities of Digital Humans on the Future World

Subsequently, the launch event transitioned into another exciting segment—the roundtable forum. Themed “The Impact and Opportunities of Digital Humans on the Future World,” the forum garnered attention from both within and beyond the industry. Notably, the forum featured a lineup of industry leaders, including Ms. Daphne SHAO, Managing Director of Victory Securities Company Limited; Mr. Kenneth CHAU, Founder and CEO of the Metaversal Music Platform; Ms. Stella LEE, President of the Greater Bay Area Family; Ms. Carrie, Founder and CEO of WOW IMPACT GROUP; and Mr. Henry YU, Partner at L & Y LAW OFFICE. Their participation undoubtedly enriched the forum with heavyweight perspectives and insights.

This roundtable forum was not only a deep dive into the future development directions of AI and Web3 technologies but also a clash of ideas on how to leverage these advanced technologies to drive industry innovation and achieve social progress. The guests, through their unique perspectives and rich practical experience, engaged in thorough discussions on how digital human technology could impact and reshape the world in the future, along with the challenges and opportunities that might arise in this process.

Closing & Networking

With the successful conclusion of the launch event and the subsequent networking session, attendees showed strong interest and high expectations for the future of the AET ecosystem. The official release of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform not only signifies another milestone achievement in digital asset payments and artificial intelligence for the AET ecosystem but also marks the beginning of a new era in the digital economy. This moment represents not just a victory for technological innovation but also heralds the limitless possibilities of future digital lifestyles.

Hotcoin will launch ADAMANT (ADM) trading on April 3rd at 23:00


According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, trading for ADM/USDT will commence at 23:00 (GMT+8) on April 3, 2024, with deposit and withdrawal services for ADM available from 23:00 on April 1.

ADAMANT is a decentralized anonymous protocol based on blockchain systems. Due to its distributed network infrastructure with open-source code, it is independent of any government, company, or even developers. The application is accessible via Web, Tor, iOS App Store, Android Google Play, Windows, Mac OS, and GNU/Linux. ADAMANT Business is the company’s private blockchain. ADAMANT 2FA provides a secure and reliable blockchain OTP solution for companies. ADAMANT TradeBot offers self-hosted market-making tools for crypto projects.

Hotcoin Will Launch HugeWin(HUGE) Trading at 23:00(GMT+8) on Mar.25th

According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of HUGE/USDT currency pair at 23:00(GMT+8) on Mar.25th,2024.The deposits of HUGE will be enabled at 17:00 (GMT+8) on Mar.25th,2024, and the withdrawals of HUGE will be available at 17:00 (GMT+8) on Mar.27th,2024.

HUGE is the core digital currency of the HugeWin ecosystem, built on the Ethereum blockchain. It plays various roles on the platform, primarily aimed at fundamentally changing the way users interact with gaming and reward systems.

CDM Technology Co.Ltd: Leading the Course of Technological Innovation

In today’s technologically vibrant era, innovation has become an indispensable choice for enterprises and an inevitable path forward. As a leader in China’s technology innovation field, CDM Technology Co.Ltd is playing a crucial role in driving progress with its unique incubation model and extensive industry experience, leading the charge in China’s technology wave.

As we advance in time, technological innovation is no longer exclusive to a select few but has permeated into various industries and becoming a major force in driving progress. In this exciting process, CDM Technology Co.Ltd, with its exceptional vision and practical experience offers a unique platform for enterprises aspiring to innovate.  Providing a nurturing environment for their ideas to flourish and thrive.

Leading Technology Support

Guiding Light Towards Emerging Technologies

In today’s competitive tech sector, tech support is crucial for businesses to stand out. CDM Technology Co.Ltd, with its exceptional technical team and cutting-edge research achievements, provides unparalleled technical support for incubation projects. Our team constantly monitors the latest tech trends and pushes the boundaries through ongoing research and innovation. Whether in depth learning, natural language processing, or computer vision. We possess extensive experience and unique insights. By working closely with enterprises, we offer tailor-made technical solutions to help them achieve breakthroughs and innovations, securing a leading position in the market.


Incubation & Promotion Support

Empowering the Journey to Sail Far

On the path of technological innovation, technical advancements are just one aspect; effective promotion strategies and channels are also crucial. CDM Technology Co.Ltd not only provides strong technical support to projects but also focuses on offering comprehensive incubation and promotion services. Like a meticulous gardener nurturing seeds. We focus on enabling them to take root, sprout, and grow robustly. Through our well-crafted promotion plans, we highlight the unique aspects of projects to the target audience. Whether through online or offline channels.

We strive for excellence, ensuring each promotional activity maximizes value. We firmly believe that only the perfect integration of technology and promotion can make a project stand out in the market and become a leader in the industry.

Promotion and Incubation Cases

Paradigms of Innovation


Light Years Away

Light Years Away, a Chinese AI startup, focuses on generative AI large models. With the incubation support from CDM Technology Co.Ltd, it has made breakthroughs in several key technological areas, leveraging advanced technology to enhance its product competitiveness.


Langboat Technology

Langboat Technology specializes in solving the challenges of language understanding and generation, offering large models and applications based on natural language processing (NLP). With CDM Technology Co.Ltd’s comprehensive support, Langboat Technology has rapidly expanded its business, achieving remarkable success.


Circular Intelligence

Circular Intelligence specializes in the sales technology sector, utilizing artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and multimodal technology. With the help of CDM Technology Co.Ltd, Circular Intelligence has successfully progressed to Series B funding and has achieved over 200% revenue growth for three consecutive years.



Goplus is a user-centered, all-scenario security service platform aiming to lead the Web3 security field. Its core services include token security checks, address security checks, NFT security checks, smart contract security, dApp security information, and API signature data parsing. In 2023, with the incubation support from CDM Technology Co.Ltd, the platform’s popularity grew, reaching million-level traffic.



ORA is a decentralized artificial intelligence application platform built on Ethereum, providing large models and applications based on the opML decentralized solution. In 2022, CDM Technology Co.Ltd participated in the early ecosystem incubation of the ORA platform and helped build its early community market.


Story Protocol

Story Protocol is a programmable IP layer built for the AI era, serving over a million AI creators. In 2023, CDM Technology Co.Ltd was involved in the ecological promotion of Story Protocol, aiding its traffic growth on social media platforms like X, YouTube, and Medium.


Nimble Network

Nimble Network focuses on AI models operating on commodity hardware. Nimble offers a decentralized framework that allows AI models and data to be combined and reused, replacing centralized platforms with a network of interconnected AI agents, data providers, and computational resources. In 2023, CDM Technology Co.Ltd participated in the early ecosystem incubation of Nimble Network and promoted its early community market development.


Market Resource Integration

Blending a Wide Range of Development Trajectories

Like a tuner adjusting notes, we play the role of a harmonizer in market resource integration. Our approach is not just about connecting resources but intricately weaving together various interests, forming a complex network. This network is not just a connection but a crystallization of creativity, infusing projects with continuous momentum and vitality. With our careful planning and arrangement, projects can gain more exposure and wider recognition through this network, securing a favorable position in the market. Under CDM Technology Co.Ltd’s market resource integration, projects shine like dazzling pearls, emitting unique light and leading the industry’s development trend.



In an era of surging technological trends, CDM Technology Co.Ltd leads China’s tech innovation wave with its unique incubation model and extensive industry experience. Leading technology support, comprehensive incubation and promotion, and market resource integration have led to the success of numerous innovative projects. In the future, CDM Technology Co.Ltd will continue to collaborate with more innovative enterprises to create a brilliant future!

The New Opportunities for Leading Korean DeFi Project NEOPIN

On February 16, 2024, two major blockchain platforms, Klaytn and Finschia, announced their merger into a unified mainnet, Project Dragon. Project Dragon aims to create a giant blockchain in Asia by organically integrating the two ecosystems and assets, leading the growth of the Web3 market in Asia. The merged new chain will be compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos, with existing tokens KLAY and FNSA replaced by a unified token.

Behind these platforms are the tech giants of Korea and Japan – Kakao and Line, equivalent to Korea’s version of WeChat and Japan’s version of WeChat. The merged L1 project holds high expectations as both Korea and Japan are crypto-friendly countries with a high percentage of young people holding cryptocurrencies.

DeFi infrastructure Neopin is launching the first cross-chain bridge for the Klaytn and Finschia merger, supporting bidirectional cross-chain transactions between Ethereum and Klaytn, as well as between Finschia and Klaytn. It will provide DeFi infrastructure for Project Dragon, including Yield Farming, Swap, Staking, Bridge, and more.


Neopin’s goal is to provide users with higher trust and stability by implementing a regulatory framework and bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi spaces. It currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Cosmos, Klaytn, Finschia, and Tron.

The parent company of Neopin, Neowiz, is Korea’s largest gaming company. The Neopin team consists of 35 members from institutions such as Binance, Crypto.com, BNB Chain, Gnosis, Samsung, Coupang, Neowiz, and CJ ENM. Since 2018, Neopin has been operating validators for Ethereum and Cosmos. With deep expertise in Web3 and understanding of the crypto ecosystem, the team comes from reputable organizations.

Neopin recently updated its roadmap, launching the Finschia Bridge, adding USDT support to the EVM Bridge, and introducing new liquidity pools. TVL has been steadily increasing, reaching new highs with a 120% growth in two months. Neopin plans to launch AI-based yield farming, promising even more exciting performance for TVL.

To allow more people to experience the charm of DeFi, Neopin recently launched a series of DeFi Carnival events to celebrate NEOPIN surpassing $180 million in consolidated TVL. Stay tuned for more lucrative airdrop activities in the future.

Neopin is an indispensable DeFi infrastructure for Project Dragon, ranking among the top in TVL. Project Dragon, jointly built by Korea and Japan, boasts a high number of cryptocurrency users and acceptance in both countries, making projects on the chain more likely to gain attention. With a current market value of around $70 million, Neopin is still undervalued compared to projects valued at billions, indicating significant potential for the future.

Redefining Blockchain Value: The Rise of Tobacco Project

On a starry night, an unexpected conversation between two rich men inspired an unprecedented innovation and gave birth to a unique blockchain project – Tobacco. This project is not just a new asset, but an experiment in the nature of blockchain.

Today, the blockchain industry is filled with excessive packaging and false prosperity, making it difficult to identify truly outstanding projects. Tobacco came into being because of this. Its core concept is to “return to the roots” and resolutely abandon unnecessary hype and packaging. This fresh and refined attitude is distinctive and eye-catching.

The most eye-catching feature of the Tobacco project is its completely decentralized operating model. The project is not controlled by any central agency but is managed jointly by community members. From project initiation to operation, all decisions are made through community consultation, fully demonstrating a spirit of democracy and autonomy.

In order to ensure the fairness and transparency of the project, Tobacco adopts a completely decentralized contract execution method. At the beginning of the project, the development team injected $1 million in pot funds, but this fund was completely managed by the community’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), reflecting the openness and fairness of the project.

Tobacco is not only a blockchain project, but also a mirror reflecting the current status and future possibilities of the blockchain world. It challenges traditional financial concepts and explores new ways of community autonomy in the field of digital currency. Through this practice, Tobacco has demonstrated a new direction of exploration, leading the industry into the future.

Let us witness the moment when Tobacco creates a new legend in the blockchain world! Such innovative spirit and forward-looking thinking will bring unprecedented enlightenment to the entire industry and help blockchain technology move towards a more brilliant tomorrow. Let us look forward to it together and applaud this future full of possibilities!

The Tobacco project aims to build a diversified blockchain ecosystem, covering multiple functions such as shopping malls, inscriptions, co-branded credit cards, games, etc., to provide users with a full range of digital services.

Tobacco 1. Tobacco airdrop

Tobacco has issued a total of 100 million tokens, all airdrops are 100% free. You can receive tokens for free by interacting with Tobacco. Each address has only one chance to receive tokens. Tobacco will never issue additional tokens without LP. Tobacco tokens will be issued when the number of token holding addresses reaches 50,000. First-tier exchanges, issuance price 1U 1 coin, Tobacco’s various subsequent ecological projects can be participated in and consumed with Tobacco’s tokens, making Tobacco’s various application ecosystems and systems bigger and stronger.

Tobacco 2. Project goals:

Create a safe and convenient digital shopping platform;

Promote the application of blockchain technology in the commercial field;

Establish a credit system and improve user experience;

Innovate gameplay and increase user participation.

Tobacco3. Ecological module:

Tobacco a. Tobacco Mall :

Provide peripheral products of various cryptocurrencies and support payment using cryptocurrencies;

Use blockchain technology to ensure the transparency of product traceability and after-sales services;

Create a membership system to provide a customized shopping experience.

Tobacco b. Inscription Service :

Provide digital signature products to ensure information security;

The inscription is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with, ensuring authenticity;

Provide users with personalized encryption services and protect private information.

Tobacco c. Co-branded credit card:

Issue co-branded credit cards with visa and Master Card, and interconnect with Tobacco project mall;

Based on blockchain decentralization technology, reduce the risk of cryptocurrency exchange for legal tender;

Recharge cryptocurrency to enable global online and offline consumption, removing consumption barriers for cryptocurrency holders

Tobacco d. Game Ecology :

Design diversified games and introduce blockchain technology to ensure game fairness;

Provide a digital asset trading platform where players can earn profits inside and outside the game;

Promote user interaction, build a community ecology, and enhance user stickiness and participation.

Tobacco4. Business model:

The mall adopts B2C self-sales model and C2C model joint operation

Inscription service: adopts pay-per-view or subscription system;

Co-branded credit card: charge recharge fee, annual card fee and transaction fee;

Game ecology: sales of game props, advertising revenue, platform transaction fees.

Tobacco 5. Marketing strategy:

Use social media, blockchain summits and other channels to promote projects;

Cooperate with relevant industries to promote and expand the user base;

Provide reward mechanisms to attract users to participate and build community reputation.

Tobacco 6. Risk Management:

Strengthen security protection to prevent hacker attacks;

Comply with relevant laws and regulations and establish a compliance system;

Be sensitive to new technologies and market changes and take appropriate measures accordingly.

Tobacco7. Development plan:

The first stage: launch the mall and inscription services, and establish a user base;

The second stage: introduce co-branded credit cards and expand financial services;

The third stage: develop game ecology and improve user interactive experience.

Tobacco8. Strategic partners:

Blockchain technology provider;

Financial Institutions;

Game development team.

Tobacco9. Conclusion:

The Tobacco project is committed to creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem, combining blockchain technology and diversified services to provide users with a safer, more convenient and interesting digital experience. Let us join hands to build a prosperous digital economic era! 

SoLana Src420 Purple Box is about to detonate the encryption ecosystem

The field of artificial intelligence has made significant progress since its inception. It has evolved from early research in natural language processing (NLP) and problem solving in the 1950s to recent developments in data synthesis and machine learning (ML). This has led to widespread adoption of AI across various industries, including healthcare, finance, media and transportation.




Solana Src420 Purple Boxsolana, jointly created by BitGo and solanaai foundation, came into being. Solana invested US$1 million in Series A, and will invest US$3 million in Series B. BRC420Purple Box is an NFT bitmap launched on the Solana chain, benchmarked BSC420Blue Box, with a total circulation of 10,000 pieces, will surely lead the entire SOL ecosystem to continue to prosper in the new NFT market.


Src420 Purple Box seizes the opportunities of the times and actively deploys in the NFT field, in order to realize the construction of a new financial ecosystem for digital assets and physical asset transactions. It aims to establish a fair and open comprehensive application system, and is committed to building a complete value ecosystem for global users in the blockchain era, and hopes that this ecosystem can provide users with free will and personal value, especially the value of time. Assure.


We will continue to pay close attention to the ecological construction of Solana Src420 Purple Box in the future. We invite global blockchain enthusiasts to look forward to its arrival with us.


We plan to launch trading on Mark Date: March 19st 12:00 PM (UTC+8)! !

Join us:

Telegram link :https://t.me/+Rrx_ZyqtTZBhMjU1

Twitter: @ayeongjo

Bitcoin L2 Inscription token $BAOO reached 100% inscription in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600% on LessGas

Breaking: Bitcoin L2 inscription token $BAOO was launched on the Bitcoin L2 inscription platform LessGas, and the inscription was completed in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600%.

LessGas is a Bitcoin L2 inscription platform based on the Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol. It has currently launched more than 10 developer inscription projects, and more than half of the launched projects enjoyed an increased over 500%.

《GAVE Global Elite Summit》Exploring the RWA L2 Trend!

Bangkok, March 8, 2024 — Today, Bangkok witnessed a grand event in the digital realm! The GAVE Global Elite Summit was held here, marking the perfect conclusion to discussions on Web3, public chains, DeFi, RWA, Bitcoin Layer 2 and more. Hosted by the GAVE public chain, the event attracted industry leaders, investors, and technical experts from around the world, jointly exploring the forefront trends and future challenges of blockchain technology. This also marks an important step for the GAVE ecosystem in market promotion and expansion.


Hundreds of Web3 pioneers and participants from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Dubai, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Thailand, Poland, and other countries gathered to collectively discuss the opportunities and challenges of the next wave of Web3 development. During the event, industry leaders and technical experts shared their in-depth thoughts and forward-looking insights on Web3.

Elite individuals from around the world gathered to discuss the forefront trends and future challenges of blockchain technology. Mr. Tristyn Pawson, Chief Marketing Officer of GAVE, delivered a passionate address during the official speech, extending a warm welcome to the attendees and eagerly anticipating the exploration of new opportunities in the future Web3 ecosystem through this Summit. GAVE is leading the charge in building a financial new world beyond borders, endowing each individual with the power to redefine currency interactions. With the introduction of RWA and Layer2 deployment, GAVE will bring more open, efficient, and transparent financial services to global users, driving the vibrant development of blockchain technology worldwide. This is not just a financial revolution, but also an empowering journey into the future.


On the roundtable forum, Kevin Yunai, Founder and CEO of RWA.Inc, elaborated on the strong rise of real-world assets (RWA), bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies, and calling for us to embrace this wave of digital transformation. Jaysen Lai, Co-founder and CEO of H3 Entertainment, fueled by infinite passion for Web3, showcased how the composability of Web3 breeds endless innovation opportunities. Bren Van Caesbroeck, Head of Ecosystem Growth at Cere Network, depicted the integration of Web3 and the real economy, revealing a new world of autonomous transactions.


The keynote speaker, Charlie Hu, Founder of BTC Layer 2 Bitlayer and former Asia-Pacific Head of Polygon ($MATIC), led us to explore the development and future of the Bitcoin ecosystem, as well as how Layer 2 solutions are leading us towards a new era.


The successful hosting of the GAVE Global Elite Summit has injected new vitality and momentum into the innovation and development of blockchain technology globally. We believe that with the joint efforts of industry elites and experts worldwide, the Web3 field will usher in a more prosperous and developed future, and the GAVE public chain will continue to play a leading role in promoting the global development of the RWA L2 track.

ALLspark, with its innovative cross-chain technology, has successfully attracted capital investment.

“One night I suddenly heard the inscription, and thousands of chains bloomed.” This sentence can be said to be a description of the current environment of the inscription market. Currently, the craze for inscriptions has spilled over to major public chains, leading to a casting frenzy. In this craze, we are expected to witness a new beginning, and we are also fortunate to be able to participate in the process of the Inscription 2.0 era triggered by technological changes.

Since the birth of blockchain and encrypted assets, technological innovation has always been the most important component of this field, and inscription applications are truly ecological projects with commercial value. The ecological network formed around inscriptions is of immeasurable value. . However, a single inscription value interaction within the chain is no longer able to meet the increasingly huge market value. Therefore, a technological change that satisfies the cross-chain inscription and value interaction of inscriptions is particularly important.

As a member of this industry wave, ALLspark relies on its one-stop cross-chain engraving comprehensive system and the core inscription ASK that integrates smart contracts, Gamefi and other application launch platforms. Information, developer sharing and other ecological applications have provided development soil for Inscription’s technological innovation. At the beginning of its launch, it won the favor of investment institutions and received a seed round investment worth US$5 million.

ALLspark and its platform core inscription ASK aggregate ecological application inscriptions and fuel inscriptions, inscribe an ecological self-circulating financial model derived from the balance law of the universe, and perfectly integrate Insc as an engine through innovative and innovative smart contract technology, combined with diversified application scenarios such as Gamfei , leading the trend of the times and becoming the leading product of Insc2.0.

ALLspark’s inscription core application is a multi-chain compatible inscription method implemented by smart contract cross-chain technology. Cross-chain inscription is achieved through specific application inscriptions, including Insc on Bticoin, Avalanche, Solana, Binance, Ethereum and other chains. This application is specially provided for Insc players. More convenient and more choices.

At the same time, AllSpark’s original guild system integrates traffic diversion, fission, management, and incentives into an integrated guild system. In the guild system, players can freely choose to join different guilds to learn and obtain inscriptions, and participate in Insc gold mining. You can also create your own guild, recommend high-quality ecology on various hot tracks to guild members, and make profits from continuous hosting services.

AllSpark’s developer team “MYTHICAL GAMES·USA” has a huge user base of over 30 million. Currently, “MYTHICAL GAMES·USA” is doing full-scale development for AllSpark’s official first chain game. It will support AllSpark’s core inscription system to design exclusive tasks and incentive mechanisms, and encourage users to participate in inscription’s products or services, which will quickly promote the growth of AllSpark’s community. , and increase their joint share in the inscription market ecological community.

Thanks to its recent $5 million seed round investment, AllSpark will be able to create, utilize and develop Web3 identities by aggregating and standardizing off-chain/on-chain data, focusing on building a tightly connected Web3 inscription community and bringing together diverse projects. Events and information resources to promote community activity and cohesion. Not only improve its market competitiveness and user service experience, but also establish stronger brand influence and industry status in the Web3 field.

With capital support, AllSpark will continue to innovate inscription industry applications through technology, using new cross-chain inscription, inscription value interaction, integration of smart contracts, and GameFi’s automation and intelligent technology to open a window for users, allowing them to use it unprecedentedly Enter and compete in this emerging inscription market full of potential with efficiency and convenience.

With the continuous advancement of technology and further development of the market, the future of AllSpark is full of infinite possibilities. We look forward to witnessing AllSpark continue to innovate the technology of the inscription industry, just like the value message conveyed by its platform name “Fire”, gathering thousands of fires to form the source of value in the inscription industry.

In this rapidly developing Web3.0 era, the emergence of AllSpark has undoubtedly brought new opportunities and challenges to the inscription market. Let us wait and see how this inscription industry technology pioneer, which has received capital attention, leads the inscription 2.0 era and provides us with Bring more surprises and possibilities.