RevolutionDAO2.0 ecological development further accelerated, heavy benefits!

Recently, RevolutionDAO 2.0 has launched the election rules of the governance committee and the first infrastructure ecology MOJOS decentralized multi-chain exchange, which undoubtedly releases the signal of accelerated development of 2.0 planning to the market. At present, the 2.0 phase has formed a map of “Web3.0+DAO governance+DeFi+NFTs+ecological products”, which fundamentally serves for collective benefit and enables community members to participate in asset creation and redistribution through RLD, forming a system of “asset appreciation + redistribution”. “RevolutionDAO is based on the minting mechanism to achieve cold start, one coin, one price, valuable anchor, through an open and transparent treasury system and decentralized community governance, to achieve a multi-dimensional aggregation DAO ecology. Link the world, bring your own future, disrupt or revolution, and look forward to the storm of 2.0.