PuddingSwap Desserts Empire releases ingredient NFT, committed to create NFT new usage in GameFi!

Now the market of NFT has also explosive growth with the help of concepts such as Metaverse and GameFi. According to Non-Fungible, NFT trade amount has reached $2.7 billion on January 2022, and the market is potential.

The rapid growth of NFT market also attracts the protocol of DeFi 1.0, such as SushiSwap launched the NFT service platform Shoyu, PanckeSwap on the BSC also sets foot in the field of NFT. And HSC leader DEX PuddingSwap’s “PuddingSwap Dessert Empire” gives NFT a new way to play to earn.

Raw Materials in PuddingSwap Dessert Empire on 9:00PM, Feb 25th (GMT+8), including NFT blind-boxes contain eggs, milk, sugar, matcha, cherry and mango, which will be obtained by staking ePUD.


PuddingSwap has successfully launched eight NFT card blind boxes for “Super Chef” before. Combining the raw materials this time, users can make unique products by staking ePUD, mixing, heating, etc. According to the corresponding recipe provided by PuddingSwap, the pudding can be synthesized, and the profits can be obtained by completing the orders distributed by the system. If the user does not have a chef NFT card, the raw materials can be sold on the NFT market。

“PuddingSwap Dessert Empire” is a virtual gourmet restaurant launched around the elements of pudding. Eight NFT animal chefs have been launched in order of rarity: squirrel, rabbit, cat, dog, fox, koala, panda and tiger.

PuddingSwap also started PuddingSwap production and baking mechanism one after another. With the official launch of raw materials, PuddingSwap’s gameplay scenarios became richer and diversified, integrating collecting, DIY games and social elements, making every NFT meet market demand and feeding the trading business of PuddingSwap itself.

Recently, through PuddingSwap NFT Blind Box event, users stake in LockVault pools and produce ePUD and staking can have the chance to get blind box and get ingredient NFT, after obtaining the corresponding ingredient NFT, users can use them to synthesize pudding. The NFT Blind Box event will end on March 25, users who participate in the event can open the box in advance to check their NFTs.

Through the development of blockchain market in 2021, NFT has completely changed into a reliable trend for crypto holders that cannot be ignored. According to data from Non Fungible, NFT deals reached $14 billion in 2021, which are 1.3 times of the total value of global art auctions in 2019. NFT is more functional and suitable for people’s needs of creativity and scarcity, and its strong social communication feature shows its unlimited future potential.

PuddingSwap, incorporating NFT and GameFi, is a microcosm of NFT ecology on HSC. Based on the ecological integrity of HSC, the grand blueprint of PuddingSwap is not limited to ” Restaurant”. In the future, it will launch sushi restaurant and barbecue restaurant, PuddingSwap sincerely invite more excellent developers to jointly create a more fun kitchen system and cook-fighting system.