One article understands Football Cup Dao: Let the global users share the traffic dividend brought by the World Cup

The 2018 World Cup ratings reached 3.5 billion, and the 2022 Qatar World Cup is approaching. For all sports enthusiasts and football fanatics, the four -year carnival that has been waiting for is again. The countdown of the Qatar World Cup is officially launched. The top world sports events once every four years will open in November 2022. The finale drama of the “Super Sports cycle” in the sports field is about to start.

It is reported that on the occasion of 100 days of the World Cup, in addition to these display in the public’s field of view, under the seemingly calm water, surrounding this sports football feast, the game in the business world has begun, and will gradually enter the fierce heat transformation Competitive stage.

The current FIFA Chairman, Mr. Yintino, believes that the Qatar World Cup is expected to attract more than 5 billion global audiences. In this huge traffic pool, it is expected to bring a billion dollar effect to the economy. Thousands of billions of capital dynamics and choices. Mr. Tino said -Qatar’s World Cup is the first truly open international competition after the epidemic. It will really become a global party. There will also be huge out -of -field topics, and the entry of various types of heads of heads can also be emphasized with each other. There is no doubt that from the perspective of investment, the World Cup is a high -quality track. After selecting the investment track, the next step is to bet on the investment target. The popular current is the top star or head team, as well as the application of NFT in the event.

Football Cup Dao is one of the members who will bring diversified participation solutions to users in the World Cup track.


FOOTBALL CUP DAO is the DAO ecosystem launched by the International Football Federation, the Asian Football Federation and the Qatar Foundation. Integrate the open ecosystem of the NFT contract protocol layer and the application layer. It aims to bring users a one -stop NFT+DEFI+Gamefi+Yuan universe experience, and supports NFT -including competitive games, Web3.0 social networks, NFT transactions and its promotion, and Yuan cosmic sports applications.

Football Cup Dao brings together top talents from all walks of life, covering entrepreneurs and team leaders such as sports, finance, technology, IT, blockchain, digital quantification, etc., and formulate a full ecological participation plan for members. Participating combinations include high -liquid digital encryption assets, digital asset transactions, sports lottery ecosystems, NFT collection and transactions, SocialFi ecology, Yuan cosmic sports, etc.

As the ultimate opportunityist Football Cup Dao, from observing the changes in the commercial forces behind international sports events, you can basically get the power in which economy from which economies. Analysis, promoting the process of internationalization, actively promoting global economic investment, diverse coverage in many fields, and making Football Cup Dao a world -leading sports investment aggregation platform.

Alliance investment institution

With a solid operating foundation and good development prospects, FOOTBALL Cup Dao won the favors of many sports companies and financial institutions around the world and other sports companies and financial institutions around the world and other global sports companies and financial institutions. Provide capital support and resource support.


Strategic cooperation agency and cooperative team

At the same time, in order to welcome the Qatar World Cup, in order to better promote ecological development, let fans worldwide more understand the latest developments of stars, and to allow global users to better participate in sports products. Football clubs and top global teams have reached strategic cooperation to receive strategic resource support from public institutions, and will provide the majority of fans with information, NFT, and related bonuses of the World Cup and stars.

● Strategic cooperation agency


● Strategic cooperation team


It is said that the FOOTBALL Cup Dao is a project that is mainly promoted by the world’s largest trading platform. We all know that Coinbase is a digital currency exchange established as early as 2012. It is incubated by the famous YC. On April 14, 2021, it was successfully listed on Nasdaq. It is currently the largest digital currency transaction. platform. Football Cup Dao is the main project of Coinbase. It can be imagined what value and charm of Football Cup Dao have.


Integration of formats

Football Cup Dao fully integrates the resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages, and brand advantages of all parties. From a more professional and responsible vision, it provides better financial product services to all World Cup fans enthusiasts, and everyone can participate in everyone. Participation has contributed and contributed.

The business integration of Football Cup Dao will indicate its own development into a new stage, which reflects the deep cultivation of Football Cup Dao in the integration and scale development of the Catal World Cup traffic pool. FOOTBALL CUP DAO has different combinations of comprehensive aggregates and factors, divide integration of integration formats, establish a new business model of multi -format integration, and ensure that all investment members can get reasonable income.

Diversified ecological layout

FOOTBALL CUP DAO will use the trading token FCT+compensation tokens FCD+insurance voucher FCB (NFT) as the entrance to user drainage. The compensation mechanism and computing power of the computing power explosion are attracted by the transaction donation mechanism and computing power explosion. DAO’s ecology. And 10%of the funds for FCT output for community construction are used for sports sports, NFT collection and transactions, DEFI rectangular products, Gamefi, SocialFi ecology, Yuan cosmic sports, and other popular ecology to meet the needs of users and funds. Ensure that all investment members can get a reasonable income.


Football Cup Dao’s global layout

FOOTBALL Cup Dao has established 16 home -based trading service centers in 13 countries around the world, providing more than 7.5 million users worldwide with safe and compliant high -liquid digital digital encryption asset services. Next, it will gradually cover more than 100 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific.

Football Cup Dao adheres to the dividend of the World Cup flow pool, integrates high -liquidity digital encryption assets, digital asset transactions, sports lottery ecology, NFT collection and transactions, SocialFi ecology, Yuan universe sports and other services to apply the most high -quality financial products to every An ordinary person allows Volkswagen users to get the huge dividends brought by the World Cup traffic pool.


Standing at the beginning of the construction of web3.0, the Football Cup Dao hopes to empower the capital flow of ecological construction through the global DAO community autonomy mechanism in this wave of industries. Waiting for users to provide comprehensive services, based on the football ecological sector, it continuously explores the high -quality ecological products with asset flow value, and continuously explores the advanced value of “NFT+DEFI+Gamefi+SocialFi+Yuan Universe”, which brings a advanced experience to users. Football Cup Dao will fully integrate the resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages, and brand advantages of all parties, and use more professional, high -quality and responsible vision to empower user asset value -added.

The future of Football Cup Dao is to jointly build a completely decentralized, open and transparent and sustainable application that will jointly build a completely decentralized, open and transparent and sustainable application. , Committed to creating a credible blockchain environment for the World Cup fan enthusiasts.


It is reported that Football Cup Dao will officially go online in the world, change a new chapter in trading, provide opportunities for re -distribution of wealth to the world, and lead Volkswagen users to obtain a huge dividend brought by the World Cup traffic pool. At the same time, the insurance coupon FCB (NFT) is also about to officially launch the three major NFT trading platforms of Bitkeep, Metahub, Football Cup Dao, and start buying 2999 NFT on the entire network. The number is limited, first come first!

Insurance coupons FCB (NFT) is just as its name “insurance coupon”, and its primary role is to protect user asset safety. It is the FOOTBALL CUP DAO -based NFT based on blockchain distribution, which has its uniqueness and uniqueness. The user holds the insurance coupon FCB (NFT), and when the trading token FCT loses money, it can get compensation for the token FCD.