CryptoGladiator introduces the World Ranking Mode

Cryptogladiator is an RPG nurturing game. In the updated version, it not only optimizes the previous exploration mode and abyss mode, but also adds a new ladder ranking mode. New version provides new experience for our users. It also gives players a new upgrade play method. Let me explain and analyze how to play the Ladder Mode in detail.

The ladder ranking mode: the world ranking, is the embodiment of the player’s overall strength. Players with high combat effectiveness can get high ranking, and high ranking will receive high rewards from the platform.

It is divided into two parts: Occupy ranking and guard ranking.

In the ladder mode, the ranking of 1 to 999 will be given. In the initial ladder, players need to defeat the guards of territory if they want to get the ranking. After defeating the guards, they can get the territory. But this does not mean that the ranking always belongs to the player. Players also need to place guarded gladiators to guard their ranking. Moreover, players need to go up from the lowest level at the beginning, and can only beat the ranking within a certain ranking range. The terriorty will lose immediately if you are defeated by other players.They need to reach the first place in the world step by step.

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In the ladder ranking mode: High ranking will receive high rewards. Players should continue to attack upward, but at the same time, they also need to pay attention to guarding the ranking they have occupied. Gladiators in defensive positions cannot participate in attacks.

In Ladder Mode, players need to climb from low ranking to the top. An account can only occupy one ranking at most. When you occupy a higher position, you will automatically cancel the ranking of the lower position. High ranking will be record at the time of settlement.

In the ladder ranking mode, players can not only get a lot of benefits, but also can fight with Gladiator players all over the world. In the Gladiator world, Fight with players all over the world!