BitFarms will issue Eternal cloud hashrate contract products

Canada’s largest cryptocurrency mining company BitFarms recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Eternal will issue cloud hashrate contract products. According to reports, Eternal is a financial company registered in Canada in 2019. It was acquired by BitFarms in 2021 and formed a team to develop cloud hashrate contract products. After a year of research and development and testing, the first BTC cloud hashrate contract will be launched in August 2022. The new products will adopt the way of DeFi, which conforms to the trend of blockchain decentralization and is recognized by industry experts.
BitFarms currently has 20 professional mines in Canada, the United States, Paraguay, the Middle East and other places, with a total load of 380MW. It was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSENasdaq) in June 2021, stock code: BITF. Its wholly-owned subsidiary mainly focuses on mining-related financial products and derivatives business, and is the world’s first decentralized cloud hashrate platform endorsed by a listed company backed by a physical mine.