Aurorabase creates smart contracts on Ethereum, and many core technologies enter the stage of practicality verification

After Aurorabase, known as the first infrastructure construction alliance chain in the Metaverse, successfully created the JAVASCRIPT library in July 2019, a large number of technical geeks around the world participated in its technology development and contributed a lot of code to promote the development process of Aurorabase at an extremely fast speed. . In November 2020, Aurorabase announced that it has created the first smart contract on Ethereum to verify the practicality of Aurorabase’s core technology. It will verify the reliability and security of its technology through actual operation. Test run through this smart contract.

According to public reports, starting in November 2020, Aurorabase will be trial-run on Ethereum in the form of a decentralized-dapp, which is an open public decentralized platform that no one person or group can control, relying entirely on intelligence Contracts and on-chain ledgers operate automatically, and the address will be open to all members of the public.


This trial will be extended to the first half of 2021 at the most. It aims to test some core technologies on Aurorabase to verify whether these technologies meet the following attributes, to preliminarily test the current technical completion of Aurorabase, and to plan the next step. Technical development direction, verification mainly includes the following aspects:

* Deterministic, perform the same function regardless of the execution environment.

* Turing complete – dapps can do anything based on the required resources

* Isolation – they execute in a virtual environment called EVM. Even if there is a problem with the smart contract, it will not hinder the normal operation of the blockchain network.

This test was carried out on the Ethereum chain, and received great attention from the global metaverse and blockchain technology developers. Everyone can observe the verification process of Aurorabase’s various technologies in real time through Ethereum, which is also a window for Aurorabase to prove its technical reliability to everyone in advance. The blockchain is a system without fault-tolerant mechanisms, and any underlying errors can be compensated for. All require a great price, and the Aurorabase technology verification program also shows the rigorous attitude of the project itself, and its reliability has not been neglected due to global collaborative development.

According to the introduction of relevant information, the time node arrangement for this verification is: as of March 2021, the three-level technologies of Aurorabase will be verified in stages: the reliability of the DAPP development environment will be verified from November to December 2020, and the reliability of the DAPP development environment will be verified from December to December 2021. In January 2021, the coordinated transfer of data on and off the chain will be verified, the developer coding library will be verified from January to March 2021, and the data processing speed of the chain ledger will be verified. The core of the first batch of verification is reliability and vulnerability detection. Each verification node will be spread out in an orderly manner on Ethereum, and subsequent verifications will also be carried out on this address, creating a development process that is developed and verified while improving.

During this verification process, the Ethereum developer community gave special care to Aurorabase in December 2020. They said that they would help Aurorabase to detect the data on the chain and provide a special data interface. This is the first time for the Ethereum team. To provide technical customization support for a specific object, Buterin also released a signal of Ethereum’s goodwill to Aurorabase in a semi-public event in January 2021, which reflects the attention of global geeks to Aurorabase, and also confirms that Aurorabase itself is in the industry. already has a certain influence.


With the relatively mature blockchain environment of Ethereum, Aurorabase will start the speed-up mode in 2022, effectively shortening the cycle of technology development, and realizing the goal of the underlying facilities of the Metaverse earlier. The advantage of open source technology lies in the transparency of its process. All trust and authority are based on openness and transparency. Aurorabase discloses the technology verification process, regardless of whether the technology to be verified can all meet the design requirements or needs at one time. Further improvement and verification itself will increase the credibility of Aurorabase as the underlying infrastructure, and enhance the image of Aurorabase in the minds of developers and users.

Aurorabase uses actual combat to test the effectiveness of technology, conducts bottom-level development with a pragmatic attitude, and is open and transparent to everyone. Aurorabase has not yet been launched, but it already has the most valuable attitude of a public chain. With the acceleration of technology development, Aurorabase is becoming more and more distant from us. The closer we are, we look forward to Aurorabase entering our lives as soon as possible.