CNET (CITEX) 丨 Opensea published a popular science BTC NFT, what kind of signal is released

On May 5, Opensea released a popular science article on Bitcion Ordinals on Twitter. The content of the article is mainly to introduce Ordinals and related “BTC NFT” situations.

It is true that Opensea’s post is not groundless. The popularity of the Ordinals market is obvious to all these days, and major institutions are entering the market one after another: the top NFT brand Yuga has already settled in, and top IRL brands like Bugatti have also decided to issue NFT series through the Ordinals agreement. Binance also launched the pepe token of the BRC-20 protocol standard. At present, there are no hot spots in the encryption market, and all funds are pouring into the hot spots. Opensea issued a document at this moment, is it going to enter the Bitcoin ecosystem?

As we all know, as the most popular NFT trading market in the encryption industry today, Opensea has established itself in the Ethereum ecosystem. As one of the leading NFT trading platforms, Opensea is almost the only one on Ethereum, thanks to It has a far-sighted choice to survive the crypto winter in 2018 and become the current NFT trading leader on Ethereum. Obviously, Opensea has already sensed the heat of the Bitcoin ecosystem, so posting an article at this moment is not just a simple wait-and-see, it is very likely that they also want to participate in and get a share of the action.

If Opensea really enters the Bitcoin ecosystem, then this will greatly open up the liquidity of the Ordinals market. As one of the largest NFT trading platforms in the current Ethereum ecosystem, Opensea’s entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem is expected to bring new opportunities and vitality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Not only will the users and ecology of the Ethereum ecosystem shift to Bitcoin, The Bitcoin ecosystem will also have its own natives. In addition, the combination of Opensea and the Bitcoin ecosystem can attract users from different fields and backgrounds into the Bitcoin ecosystem, which will bring more opportunities to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Market opportunities and usage scenarios to expand the user base of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In short, as a leading NFT trading platform, Opensea has the potential to bring new vitality and development opportunities to the Bitcoin ecosystem if it is extended to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Such a win-win cooperation is naturally a result that the market likes to see. The development of Bitcoin ecology is already a wild horse, and we don’t know where it will go, but it has already started.

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